PHOTOS: The 10 cosplayers most famous and sensual of the world


The cosplay is a style of life that moves millions of dollars and many professionals and amateurs to show off their best costumes at conventions of comics, or events dedicated specifically to this. Culture initiated since 1970, has competitions worldwide such as the World Cosplay Summit, where each year are awarded to those who have better characterized a character in the film, the comics, or pop culture.

But equally, there are cosplayers professionals who are famous for their costumes, and whose job it is to embody in a manner shocking to the characters as they wish. In this case, the cosplayers female have the most followers, because your sensuality and delicacy (or rudely, as the case may be), are a powerful element to be so admired.

Here we have 10 cosplayers more famous.

Ginny McQueen: Is cosplayer active since 1998 and an active member of the geek world. It is approximately 7 thousand followers on Twitter and 6 billion on its Youtube channel. Their costumes appear in the journal of the heading, Cosmode.

Marie-Claude Bourbounnais: Is French canadian and has 15 thousand followers on Twitter. Is cosplayer since 2009 and has appeared in magazines such as Elle. Sell items and have them autographed on his web page.

Spiral Cats: Are a group of Korean girls who are dedicated to making cosplay. You are more than 10 and are famous in the conventions of comics.

Yaya Han: It has been a cosplayer since 1999 and has been in TV shows like Heroes of Cosplay and King of Nerds.

Myrtle Sarrosa: It is filipino and has done cosplay since I was 14. He won the “Big Brother” of his country.

Linda Le: His stage name is Vampy and has done cosplay since the age of 12. It is famous for interpreting in different ways the character Psylocke, of X-Men.

Jessica Nigri: Has been model since 2012 and started with the cosplay in 2009. He has appeared on various commercials, video games and video clips. It has also been an interviewer for several media.

Adrianne Curry: He won the first season of ‘Americas Next Top Model’. Has been cover of several magazines, and defended a friend from a sex offender dressed as Catwoman.

Anna Faith Carlson: Made popular by embody the princess Elsa of ‘Frozen’. It has 40 thousand followers in Twitter (approximately) and her sister Lexie is princess Anne.

Alodia Gosiengfiao: It is filipino and has more than 4 million 500 thousand followers on his page of Facebook. It is a character influential in his native country.

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