Rihanna defies schemes and posing with a piece of clothing, a symbol of slavery, in Vogue magazine (photos)


Rihanna again, the schema break and gets the reflection of your decision, as the first person in the history of fashion posing for the magazine, British Vogue with a durag, a handkerchief, on the head, and it was the symbol of slavery.

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The singer and entrepreneur Rihanna was selected to the magazine cover British Vogue in its may edition, a spectacular photo of the porta durag was taken by the famous Steven Klein, who reports this, Daily Mail.

Voque he explained that he is the same Rihanna who came up with the idea, posing with a durag, and he is editor-in-chief of the magazine, Edward Enninfulwho felt satisfied with the self, because it is a form of racism, she stressed laopinion.com,

On admission to the interpreter Diamonds and philanthropic-known, Edward Enninful he assured: “Have you ever thought it would be a durag on the cover of Vogue? I think, no reader, and I don’t either… but here we have the durag more beautiful and ambitious. How interesting. It took a person with charisma, unusual at this time“.

During the interview, the interpreter Diamonds and philanthropic-known said that he was the sender of the British Aufa Hirsch about their experiences with life in London and the global fight against racism.

The interpreter, 32 years old, is residenciada in London, starting in 2017, and says she loves the anonymity that surrounds you now.

He also said that since the lives in the capital of the United Kingdom, has stressed a different opinion about the fight against racism and injustice, that, in spite of that the police of great Britain is very strict in such cases, the racism lives on in all the parties.

For Rihanna, “it Is obvious (racism) it is becoming more and more standard will be toor is the underlying, where the people know once again that it is still obvious about it. You know, it’s just a layer of sub-consciousness is embedded in all its core”.

Told that I on Barbados, the country where nation and emigrated with his mother from Guyana, he was Mexican his first experience with racism that helped him, the relationship, and empathize, and latinosthose who discrimination in the United States.

Rihanna insuredI know what it feels like immigration, by you home in the night, the people put on. Not my mother, she was legal, but to say that I know how it is, this fight. I’ve seen. I’ve got”.

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