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United States.- One of the athletes most important in the history of wrestling at the global level, without any doubt, this is Stone Cold Steve Austin, who in the 90’s enjoyed a great popularity for his time in WWE (formerly WWF).

One of their movements most known is the stunner or also known in Latin america as paralyzinghave been several important figures who have suffered from this deadly attack of the rattlesnake, from The Undertakers to the current president of the united States, Donald Trump.

On this occasion, this exluchador, she made appearance in the new video artist Bad Bunnycalled Who You Are?premiered on the 23rd of December.

In the clip, Austin appears to help the lead singer of a gang of thugs, but for bad luck for them and good for Stone Cold, the legend of the wrestling deals left and right stunners on all sides, saving, integrity of Bad Bunny.


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