To go with the participation of Up-and grandchild of Paula, I Serenity the first edition of “home starts to play”


The Group I’m Going To The Serenitywhich is formed by the Alex Is Quiet (tom-tom, and again, Julius Caesar (tambourine and vocals), Session (reco-reco, and again, and Rodrigo Tchutchucão (acoustic guitar and vocals), released their new work, previously unpublished, of the first part of the project “Playing at home”. This is the first DVD in the career of the four elements, and brings it to the group of rio, to the best of their sound.

The project consists of six tracks, and they are: “The Rainbow,” “If the Disputes queue to the Top”, that it is” Fair”, “Everything has Changed”, “as soon as I give you A gift” and a medley from “the Wind in the Sand / Call / loneliness”. The inclusion of the DVD, it came to pass in the yard Mocidade independente de Padre Miguel in Rio de Janeiro, 20. January of this year, an audience of over 10 million people.

You Will Hear To Play “Home, Ed.1″:

“The Rainbow”with the participation of the Toit is the title-track is a new song from the group’s work. The song is the debut accompanied by video of the live DVD is now available Youtube. “It is a pleasure to be a part of this moment in history, I go Quiet. I would like to thank you for the invitation. I know that this will be a very exciting time in the life of an artist, able to take a step, and I step Calm going, it is amazing. I’m sure this is a day that will never work out of mind, and all that you like, for you, and I’m one of these people. I love it, I go Quiet, it was amazing to sing with them on the rainbow, which is a form of music that I love and given me the opportunity to be able to share with you. This is the first partnership of many that are yet to come,”the music is back up on the display for printing.

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“We are very excited and pleased with this Version, to burn a dream for a career, but also a DVD at the school of the heart, of the Mocidade independente de Padre Miguel, and the artists that are our reference. We have chosen a song to work with Firefox, as we believe a lot in this song, and we are confident to embrace the public. The playlist is amazing, every song was selected with care, and think about the audience that loves it, not only the Samba, but in all genres of music, the group stresses.

Netinho de Paula if you join the group on the track “If The Queue To The Topto show that I was not going to come to Quiet conversation, with the powers of this song in all the generations. “I think I’m going to the Pro Sereno is a strong wind, a wind that propels the Samba to new heights. They were able to sing a success, in the music of other artists, wherein in the percussion and the harmony of them in favor of the songs, the eternizaram. And until today, they are known for their success and that you sing to all the others. I think that the reason why all the artists you love. I go it alone influence ended, the thing, Samba de roda and Samba in the slums, in the broken. We love these guys!”complete broadcast of the Paula of the group.

In this project, the group intends to
to reach new audiences, it was a magnificent structure,
the determination of the potential of the I go Quiet. The highlight of the scene is
a stage with three levels, where the artists are, and the shares passed back and forth.
In the first stage, the group brought in a real bar with a pool table, and the service of the
Drinks are included in the record. In the second stage, where the performers have started
the presentation was reserved for the band. On the third level, there is a Phase in which the
he made it closer to the General public.

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They are gearing up for the release of the video of the track, the EP rounds in the next few weeks. The project is about three years, which will be available for the shares of Belo, Mumuzinho, compassion, and Tony Salles do Parangolé.

On the
I Go To Serenity:

I’m Going To The Serenity or, “OUR“as fans, which is formed by the Alex-serenity (tom-tom, and the voice), Julius Caesar (tambourine and vocals), Paulinho (reco-reco), and Rodrigo Tchutchucão (guitar) call it. With more than 20 years of history, the four-piece appeared on the West side of the river, and blew up nationally with the music “There is Nothing Else To Do”who gave you the name of a samba, wore them about 10 thousand people Bangu Atlético Clube in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The wheel has begun to the favour of the lovers of Samba, as well as many of the dancers. Since then, the group has gone on the run with the design, packaging, and appeals to the audience with the best classical album in the country.