Which helps again and again: Rihanna and Jay-Z make a millionaire a donation for the support in the fight against the covid-19 | Shows Awakens America


francisca: we are still there for you.

remember that you home. this

times of crisis, rihanna and

the rapper jay-z enters

list of famous have

wanted to help, and dona

1.000.000 ólares each

traés of the respective


carlos: that says to me that you see that

wakes aérica, because I have him

peía the millionaires,

donaran and is doing what esán

through these two .

with 1,000,000 ólares

looking for support

undocumented workers

in the prison, to the homeless, food

seniors and

the children of staff ü

the esán on the front

fight, fight with esán

this epidemic.

francisca: last week

fundacón rihanna anuncó the

donacón of 5,000,000 of

ólares for the invitations

the esán fight

virus in the United States

also in the Caribbean yáfrica.

how mencionabas,

carlos, more and more

by adding to this the donations for

tried so many needy

these times.

carlos: this kind of