Interesting confessions of Lana Del Rey


United STATES, Los Angeles. – Lana Del Rey is about to launch a new album, an album that came together with the renowned Jack Antonoff, as was pointed out in a previous publication. While the date arrives for the official launch, the artist looks as a model on the recent cover of the magazine Billboardwhose interview he gave to know several interesting details.

In accordance with BillboardThe King had not been aware of how isolated it was your creative process until recently, aspect that changed in the production of their new album titled Norman F*cking Rockwell, which will be available next Friday, August 30, whose cover and tracklist have already been unveiled last month through the social networks of the singer.

“Something that I love of Norman is the amount of energy of the room that we were able to record. We do not use a cockpit voice often, so we were recording together in a room, usually just after having written the song and that feeling remained strong in the place,” revealed Laura Sisk, engineer of sound (winner of a Grammythat worked alongside The King and Antonoff.

Another curious story about The King who shares Billboard relates with hope and faith, as the singer has formed the habit of going to mass every Wednesday and Sunday with her friends, who also accompany other activities such as drinking coffee. This type of connection and spirituality has allowed the celebrity to realize certain things, that is to say, to reflect.

“I actually think that what has most transformed my life is to know that there is a magic in the concept that two heads are better than one,” said The King. On the other hand, the interpreter of “Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but i have it” he confessed that such a subject with such a long title was inspired by the situations that are discovered within Hollywood.

“It was located with the references to live in Hollywood and see so many things that didn’t seem right, things that I never thought that I would be allowed to speak because everyone knew and no one ever said anything. Culture is only changed in the last two years as to whether the people would believe and I’ve been 15 years in this business,” said King in his interview with Billboard.