Lana del Rey announces the publication of the ‘White Hot Forever’


The singer has announced his next album called ‘White Hot Forever’, it’s been three months since we left without words with the release of their latest album ‘not for resale’. The singer who a few weeks ago we surprised the block to the Bad Bunny on Instagram now we have returned to leave with the mouth open.

Lartist has said that she’s very excited. with their musical projects, and that you do not need to take any break from the music, clarifying that there so little time difference between a job and another.

Lana del Rey is still enjoying the success of ‘Norman Fuckin Rockwell’ is already preparing his next album that will go on the market in 2020. The artist is taking advantage of the chute of joy from your disc to work on your next project, this has been confirmed in an interview to The Times.

His sixth studio album was released three months ago and the singer has not ceased to spend the time to start working on their next album. The seventh album of the singer of ‘Summertime Sadness’ is still in the ovenbut we already know how it is called, under the title ‘White Hot Forever’ the u.s. will bring to light their compositions.

The artist has also shown that there are already a lot of recorded material for this next project and has confirmed one of the songs that will be included on the disc magazine Q Magazine. Among the compositions that will be on the album is ‘Let Me Love You Like a Woman’ that is one of the new songs.

This new single figure in the list that you have created Genious for the record, in the list we also find other compositions such as ‘Looking For America’, a song that Lana del Rey wrote due to shootings that occurred in The Step and that finally was not included in their last album, something no one expected.

The singer took advantage of this topic to denounce the use of weapons and violence in the united States and according to the information that has been published, it seems that ‘White Hot Forever,’ yes, you will have this song, but with a mix of music that is very different.

On the other songs that will be on the disk we still have no news, but we are expectant to see what themes will include Lana del Rey. It is also not confirmed the cover of this new project, but all indications are that this is a portrait of Lana del Rey in which poses with a wig platinum blonde, to be exact the same with the one that appears in the video for ‘Doin Time’.