More details of the music of Lana del Rey with Ariana Grande


United STATES, California.- Recently it was known through the social networks that the singers north american, Lana del Rey, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande were part of the soundtrack of the new ribbon Charlie’s Angelsafter that has been unveiled a small part of the song.

In this way, in a recent radio interview, Del Rey explained how it was to be part of this musical trio. As well, the artist revealed that the piece is “beautiful”, but at the same time very “spicy”. All in all, the artist did not know whether to participate in the song, since I didn’t feel as after only having listened to the parties of Big.

However, when the producer record label asked to be the interpreter of “Born to Die” to write some verses to this piece, The King agreed. Then they join Miley Cyrus, were inspired by some scenes of the film to record a video together. “It was something totally crazy,” said Lana del Rey.

And although it is unknown the date of release of the song, many followers of the three stars they claim to be missing only two weeks for this new creation to see the light and all may know that it is brought between the hands of the trio of celebrities.