New releases: Lana del Rey, Tool, Ezra Furman, and Caravan Palace


Every Friday there are new disks to our radar music, raise the volume and ride along with us through these five new plates record.

Fear Inoculum (2019)
of Tool

Get one of the returns most expected of all time! After 13 years, finally Tool is back with a new album, Fear Inoculum (2019) is a musical journey through 10 songs in digital format for a total of 86 minutes and 7 songs in physical format to complete 79 minutes.

The band, which this year meets 29 years since its formation, complete with this their fifth album. Like that 10,000 Days (2006), this new disc was recorded under the production of Joe Barresiwho has worked with bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Bad Religion and Avenged Sevenfold.

In Fear Inoculum (2019) Tool explores new sounds between atmospheres and with new lyrics, stand out synthesizers, industrial, powerful percussion, guitars loud, and chords dissonant. The disc is full of different moments, it is literally a musical journey in which Maynard James Keenan liberá all the internal battles that she has been through in his life.

Is a sign of evolution and maturity, both of the band and the metal, to you this gem record:

Norman fucking rockwell (2019)
of Lana del Rey

Two years ago Lana del Rey he showed us his facet more romantic in the disk Lust for Life (2017), an open declaration of love and an album that saw Wool smile with the soul. Now the new yorker presents us with his new sound Norman fucking rockwell (2019).

The sounds of the fifth board record of Lana del Rey not new to all, for the past August 17, a fan of the artist released the album illegally, and many of his followers were able to listen to it. However today comes to light for the whole world.

This is probably the facet more mature than he has shown so far Lana del Rey, the artist presents 14 songs that show an evolution mainly lyrical, as in the sound does not explore or you risk too much. This album was made under the production of Jack Antonoff (Taylor Swift), Rick Nowels, Zach Dawes and Laura Sisk.

Twelve Nudes (2019)
Ezra Furman

Punk rock to convert their followers “on political activists” and search “an escape into sanity”so is the new album of Ezra Furman, a manifesto on the current situation of the world, mainly from United States and the policies of Trump , in addition, it is a liberation through music.

Are 11 songsthe longer it lasts 3:30 minutesbut beyond a disk, Twelve Nudes (2019) it is a manifesto, a critique of the problematic of the weapons, and a sample of the anxiety that suffers Ezra by the devastating news that daily read on your mobile.

It is an album raw in its sound and composition, is inspired by the rock and roll u.s. and in the punk queer of the years 90.

Powers (2019)
The Futureheads

From England comes the post-punk revival to climb the revs, after 7 years, the grouping finally presents his sixth album Powers (2019). In this album the band struggle to exploit the creativity to the full, with powerful riffs and a skill vocal relentless the band has finally returned.

After disagreements with the music labels have a disc that mixes songs light, powerful and frantic, an album honest, which invites the public to continue resisting, and that shows the essence of The Futureheads.

Chronologic (2019)
of Caravan Palace

The grouping French Caravan Palace gives us a perfect disc to dance to. Chronologic (2019) shows a new facet of the band that has been classed as electro swing and comes to a exploration with sounds mainstream.

Pop and jazz are two genres that stand out on this album, in which we also find funk, and the strong presence of synthesizers. Without a doubt, the band has moved away from its origins what is it For good or for evil?

Raise the volume and to judge of you: