Selena Gomez recalled her relationship with Justin Bieber and responded to the photos with him | music


At this time uncomfortable was that your ex is the likes on the photos that you with your

The triangular relationship between

Selana Gomez







again, at least in the minds of the fans, every time, when looking at a detail, igniting more about the topic and the fire inventory.

The interpreter “Rare“it was discovered, by his followers, and then have “like“a series of photos in which he together with Justin Bieber; in one of them, he shirt without a t -.

Two different types of accounts that discovered by fans, the exestrella of Disney in the “movida”. Two images rose in the last days, in which the showed in addition to the canadian, they received the “like” of the singer.

The fact that the images were uploaded recently, just shows how thousands of people around the world, the isolation of the coronavirus also has been Selena Gomez time to get over the ex.

In the month of January, the singer admitted that he suffered from emotional abuse from Justin Bieber and it took years to realize.

“I found strength in the. It is dangerous to stay with a victim mentality, and it is not disrespectful, but I feel that I sacrifice a certain level of abuse,” he explained in an interview for



After Selena Gomez samsung is simply the latest “Lose You To Love Me”, many fans of the singer took the song as an indirect, Justin Bieber.

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“I needed you to hate to love” and “incendiaste my goal and what makes you burn”, are some of the verses of the song, which allegedly carry a dedication.