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Carry more than three decades on top of the scenarios are thrilling with their songs, giving each note and making us dance. We talk about the mexican group Reikwho move like a fish in water in both a beautiful ballad like in a reggaeton moved. And that is that Jesus, Julio and Bibi have music in their veins. Or if you want to quarantine them has taken away the desire to sing. ¡Upside down! Now, more than ever we must support the art.

In fact, this Friday they launch rémix of I Don’t Knowa topic of Mati Gomez have joined together to Nicki Jam. In addition, we are succeeding with the ballad that they released a month ago alongside Camilo and Farruko, If I say yes, and now totals almost 40 million views on Youtube.

To talk about these two songs, Jesus, the singer of the band, opens to us from his home in New York the front camera of your mobile in the last #YoMeQuedoEnCasaConLOS40. On the other side of the mobile, our dear Oscar Martinez you ask questions of your followers and followers.

It takes three weeks locked up, although in the city that never duérmela quarantine has started later: “Those of us who live here, at the beginning we took it lightly. I have spent three weeks locked up and I’m trying to stay calm, reading a lot and writing”.

Differently are spending their companions Bibi and July, as we commented in the interview: “They have children, and are all the time doing things. The other day I told Bibi that he didn’t sit in no time. Andor have my house in absolute silence.” Yes, it has its ventajitas, and that is that Jesus has taken the opportunity to go back to reading and has already devoured two novels.

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Although the group has had several years of delighting us with his music, in the past has been when they have hit the true pitch, becoming a name that recurs in the list of hits. Does the key, according to Jesus? The record by typing: “The artists that we stayed for a long time we have of as stages. We have always been writing and composing. The people before you was a year to write a disk and then ran for another two. We are prepared for what we are experiencing right now, always writing.”

Far from stopping, the boys of Reik launched topic this Friday, April 3. It is I don’t knowa rémix of Mati Gomez singing along to Nicki Jam: “We were invited to be part of it all. It is super cool. All the collaborations I have very happy because it is a way out of our area of comfort”. Yes, Jesus assures us that it is not easy to manage them, especially for the issue of agendas: “you have to be moving much to record videos, do interviews and present songs”. Even so, the guys are all experts in this field and have released songs with Maluma, Sebastian Yatra, Cali and the Dandee, DVICIO or Manuel Turizo, among others.

Aitana, Pablo Alborán, and Shakira, what possible collaborations?

And speaking of collaborations, Oscar has wanted to know for when a with any woman, and it is the fans of the group take time to ask: “We’re missing a lot of collaborations with women. We have had the bad luck each time that we have tried has gone wrong due to lack of logistics. We have many things thought, with female artists and some half-cooked”.

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Oscar has wanted to go further and asked if they have ever thought of Shakira for any song to what Jesus has answered the following: “Although we do not know him personally, we feel eager to work with her. We have a thing that we sent to you”.

It seems that a collaboration with Aitana you may be more likely. Why? When Oscar asked about whether they would be willing to collaborate came out with a smile: “The love you without control. We saw it appear and you have something that is there. I don’t know if I should say these things.” This we smell a new hit…

Another of the plans that children have is to see if they manage to make a temita with Pablo Alborán. Come on, that Reik is willing to work with all Spanish-speaking artists, and we love the initiative! “We have a couple of songs to send to Pablo Alborán. I love since I met you”.

Jesus answers to Yatra

The time has come to answer the question chained that stopped Sebastian Yatra last Wednesday the boys of Reik: Have you had more than words with a fan? “To see what he says that cabroncillo,” he said between laughs Jesus before answering the question which had been raised by his friend. “I feel that, I don’t want to do the prude, but I don’t remember any stay”, has finished responding.

One of the things that we have confessed Jesus is that, although it has not yet been animated to raparse as other artists (although he went for the head the other day with a few tequilas), yes who wants to be a super beard: “I’m going to beard long, to give formita and peinarla”.

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We will be attentive to your social networks to see if finally it is true that he leaves this look.