Jennifer Lawrence calls the vote in the US in spite of coronavirus


The actress Jennifer Lawrence animated this Wednesday, from his confinement by the coronavirusto the citizens to vote by mail and support the necessary legislative changes to that may develop in the primary elections in the united States with normal despite the pandemic.

“First of all, I want to show my frank solidarity with all those who have been affected by the pandemic Covid-19 and my most deep gratitude to the emergency workers, and health that you are risking your health every day,” he said in a video People.

The best thing we can do to stop the spread of this virus is to stay homebut there are still a few elections on the horizon, with millions of americans who have not yet deposited their vote in the primaries”, he added.

Many states have been forced to change the date of their primary elections due to the the global crisis unleashed by the coronavirusthat has entirely altered the plans of the democrats to choose who will face the president of the united states, the republican Donald Trumpin the November elections.

Among these states are some with a large population such as New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Georgia.

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In the race for the democratic nomination it appears as favorite the us vice-president Joe Bidenwhich , until the break of electoral machinery a democrat by the coronavirus had managed to distance himself from his rival, the senator Bernie Sanders.

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Lawrence today urged their followers to visit the website to find out how you can vote by mail or, in the case that your state does not allow to send the ballot at a distance, find out how to support legislative changes to make it possible.

“It is extremely important: we’re talking about our elections,” closed Lawrence on a campaign, with the tag in the networks #VoteAtHome (Vote in housein Spanish), which has also been supported by the actress Alyssa Milano or the singer Sia.

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Winner of the Oscar for best actress for “Silver Linings Playbook” (“The good side of things“in Spanish), Lawrence began to dazzle the public at large with the successful saga of “The Hunger Games” (“The Hunger Games“in Spanish).

Her career has included other tapes such as “Winter’s Bone” (2010), “American Hustle” (“Escándalo Americano”, in Spanish; 2013) and “Joy” (2015), three films for which he managed his other three nominations for the Academy awards of Hollywood.

Very also known for its claims feministsLawrence recently presented “Red Sparrow” (“Operation network”, in Spanish, 2018) and “Dark Phoenix” (2019), the latest installment of the films based on the comics “X-Men”.