Netflix: seven music documentaries not to miss on jazz, EDM, rap and Taylor Swift


Everybody’s Everything, a documentary about Lil Peep

From jazz to pop and heavy metal to electronic music, with a stopover in hip hop.

The forced isolation by the pandemic

may well serve to deepen the music that you love and also to venture into other unknown. If the story is well told, sometimes the protagonists and the genre of music are the least of it. That’s why, below, a list of seven music documentaries available on


they deserve to be looked at beyond what sounds in our headphones.

The trumpet player Lee Morgan and his wife Helen Moore
The trumpet player Lee Morgan and his wife Helen Moore

I Called Him Morgan

Next to the recent

Birth of the Cool, the documentary about miles Davis

, the trough virtual


dedicated to the jazz offers

I Called Him Morgan

. What gets noticed here is both the history of the trumpeter Lee Morgan as his wife and kills Helen Moore. Built from the story of Moore, the documentary maintains the tension of a thriller, the picturesque quality of a New York mostly nevada, the value of the testimonies of the legends of jazz and the redemption of a woman that he killed who was his former spouse, yes, but also saved his life long before.

Trailer for “I Called Him Morgan”


What We Started

David Guetta, Tiesto, Steve Angello

. All those names sound the today family for almost anyone who is the least up-to-date in the world of music in general and electronics in particular. But every scene has a beginning chaotic and a future uncertain:

What We Started

narrates the beginning of the EDM (

electronic dance music

), the subgenus of the electronic music that returned it to the center of the world pop and came upon the ears of millions of young people around the world. From a cabin in Ibiza, where the DJs cook up the sounds of the future, the story begins centered here in the figures of

Carl Cox


Martin Garrix



the delayed

Lollapalooza Argentina 2020


Trailer for “What We Started”


Who The Fuck Is That Guy

Be a puerto rican openly homosexual in the New York of the 80’s. Also be responsible for


keep the contract record then have it become the heavy metal band greatest of all time. The life of

Michael Blake

well worth a documentary, and particularly when all aspects of your life (personal and professional) are exposed almost in the same plane. Kick the punk scene of Manhattan with obvious step by the cbgb’s, to play in the major leagues with the responsibility of recruiting new talent.

Who the Fuck is That Guy? focuses on the figure of Michael Blake, responsible for converting to Metallica in the heavy metal band's largest planet
Who the Fuck is That Guy? focuses on the figure of Michael Blake, responsible for converting to Metallica in the heavy metal band’s largest planet

Look Mom, I Can Fly

Travis Scott

is the name Duki and a large part of the trap argentine repeated as a great influence to speak of american artists. In this documentary, looks back on his artistic life until the conception of



his third studio album, considered one of the best works in the history of the trap


Look Mom I Can Fly!


Look, mom, I can fly!

it shows the journey of a boy who had nothing and now has it all: success, fame, recognition, millions of dollars and existential crises by not having clear how to deal with it.

I am part of the band: Nasty Cherry

Since I was a teenager, Charli XCX,

today a pop star overall,

I dreamed of being the brain behind a gang of girls. And

I am part of the band: Nasty Cherry

a docuserie in six chapters, there is another thing that the demonstration that this dream may have dyes pesadillescos. Build a group from scratch, composed by members who do not know and come from different contexts, can be more utopian than it seems. If to this is added the psychosis, the exposure of social networks, and the pressure to earn a place in the industry since the first song, the drama is assured.

Trailer for “I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry” Source: Netflix


Miss American

From time to time,

Taylor Swift

she became aware of their power and responsibility as one of the popular singers of the last decade. Willing to play in the world of pop according to their own rules,

Miss American

it shows not only his artistic gifts as a songwriter and performer, but also how it was that he decided to make public his political opinions and also display their personal and family problems. There is footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes of shows and recordings. Everything was carried out between the releases of


(2017) and



Trailer for “MISS AMERICAN” – Source: Netflix


Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything

“I want to be all things to all people,” wrote Lil Peep in the last posting of Instagram before his death. And at some point it was, although for too short a time. Lil Peep,

who died at the age of 21 in 2017

by an accidental overdose of fentanyl, was one of the stars meteoric of the american rap. Visible head of a scene


that of the night to the morning it became the soundtrack of adolescents disturbed in the whole country, not able to cope with his own demons and excesses of fame. The documentary shows the story of a star early in times of social networks.