The terrible panic attack of Miley Cyrus during the quarantine period for coronavirus


Due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19the world population has had to isolate socially, to avoid contagions to propagate on a massive scale.

During these first 15 days, there are many celebrities who have spoken about how they are approaching the quarantine and the last one you wanted to tell us about your day-to-day has been Miley Cyrus, who has confessed that he has suffered a terrible panic attack and anxiety.

As you may recall, the singer was remaking his life with Cody Simpson after divorcing Liam Hemsowrth and, although it is not confirmed, it is very possible that you are going through this quarantine with him in Los Angeles.

In an interview with Apple Music the artist wanted to share with the followers of the horrible experience that has lived in the quarantine, which you can see in the video above

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