“Video terrible”. “I never knew Shakira was so bad” (and what is seen “is very hard”)


April 02, 2020
(15:44 CET)

Shakira is a woman a completely new one. His followers are very happy to teach one facet of her until now unknown. Throughout his career, especially when he began his relationship with Gerard Piquethe colombian was very discreet with his private life. Little is known of her and of their environment. Only used the social networks to talk about their musical projects. It seems that now that has changed and their fans with the ovations.

She, for her part, always grateful for the love that you receive. The colombian is one of the singers best-loved and heard at the international level and that has consequences for good and for bad. Luckily, it is more good than bad.

Haters Shakira, lurking

But sometimes its haters will also be involved. And they often like to recall some documents that the singer would not let anything, well. For example, the share in the following lines.

This is not the message that Shakira commanded the Spanish rulers, in which he asked them to leave the children to the street. Something which was also so cute, because their children do not walk precisely of a lack of space in your home.

The video of Shakira that sweeps between their haters

In this case we are referring to a video that have shared their haters in one of those accounts dedicated to the singer. A document registered in one of their concerts, in which the Barranquilla looks sheathed in mesh are adjusted. An outfit that is treacherous that let you see some sagging of your entire body, especially the back of your lower body.

“Poor thing, didn’t know he was so bad” or “terrible” or It’s too hard”, you write some of these haters, excited to be able to give cane to Shakira. And is that the singer offers one of his characteristic movements to the spectators, but that day was not the indicated to do so. Attention to the video. post