I photo bomb! Angelina Jolie in a bikini without Photoshop (and the eye to the surprise)


March 06, 2020
(18:13 CET)

Angelina Jolie has already 44 years old and it seems that we have not realized. The american actress has six children, three biological, and of course that feeling just in the body and as well he has seen worse than we thought, in your last picture on the beach.

There are been able to see the actress with a bikini and the skin pretty pendant, more than usual in one who had always taken good care of your body. However, it seems that Angelina Jolie is not worried about his physical state, or at least workable.

Yes, Angelina Jolie has been natural, we do not see a drop of photoshop in the image, something that has surprised their fans, who know that the famous do not support the wrinkles.

jolie bikini without photoshop

Still with Brad Pitt

Although the separation with your ex-husband is more than a seer, the truth is that your children both have many things in common despite all of this, and many businesses, something that would have tried to delegate but that would have been a matter of dispute since his divorce.

And is that both have companies to 50% and have not wanted to part with either, knowing that in the future they will belong to their children.

The comparison with Jennifer Aniston

The figure of Angelina Jolie at 44 years old, is a great woman, however, fans of Brad Pitt it seems to have loaded against your ex as Jennifer Aniston with 6 years more that the protagonist of Tomb Raider seems to be preserved much better.

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In addition, the sympathy of the actress from Friends has always meant that you had more followers that Angelina Jolie and now in this kind of discussions always wins. The has conquered.