Infidelity and love triangle: the painful separations of Jennifer Aniston and Laura Dern, which involved Angelina Jolie


What may have in common Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston? Their careers do not seem to be very similar. The first acted in over 50 films but much less so in television. Daughter of actors, their first job in front of the cameras was seven years old. After more than four decades of career, newly-Sunday, 9 won his first Oscar. The second is the daughter of an actor not wanted it to be an actress, his great success did not get it on the big screen but on television. Although he never obtained, and he was not even nominated, for an Oscar is one of the most powerful women in the industry. A has two children that concern you, the other has no children and is not a concern. A measured 1,79; the other of 1.64. They are not friendly or appear in events together. No shared locker room or stepped onto the same stage. However, an invisible thread binds them, their partners were broken by the same woman: Angelina Jolie.

Those who lived a great love know how much bleeds to death. The rupture hurts a lot more when there are no explanations. That can attest to the today award-winning Laura Dern. The romance between the lawyer Confessions of a marriage and Thorton began in 1997, when they agreed on the set of the recording of the series of Ellen Degeneres. Look will, look comes. A little conversation and a lot of attraction. At the beginning they were not very willing to start something stable. Dern is just separated from Jeff Goldblum. Thorton accumulated four divorces. Gave the yes to Melissa Lee Gatlin, Toni Lawrence, Cynda Williams and Pietra Dawn Cherniak in marriages that lasted never more than two years.

The instability loving Thorton was a detail for Dern. I was in love with this man is multi-faceted which spake to him of his childhood in a home methodist, and where, by religious convictions, there was no electricity or hot water. He was fascinated to hear him play his drums while she played songs of rock or country. Marveled at his ability to tell and write stories, so much so that he got an Oscar for Glow in the night, film that he wrote and starred in.

It took 12 years of difference, but for Dern was not a problem. Everything seemed to flow. The relationship was strong and stable. The actor, used to reply with humor that “we already have a dog and a garden,” and described her partner as “her best friend” that’s why, when Dern came the proposal of filming October Sky in the city of Virginia did not hesitate to accept. Thorton encouraged her to do it. Would only be a few weeks of separation. In addition he would also be busy filming Out of control. The co-star was a young actress with a reputation as a rebel, Angelina Jolie.

While Dern was filming in Virginia, Thorton and Jolie recorded in New York. He represented an air traffic controller and she was his suggestive wife. Thornton had 45, and Angelina 20 less. The first time we crossed was on a lift. Uninhibited or misplaced he asked him to accompany her to his trailer because he had to try on some pants for a scene. She told him not to but when you exit the elevator backed against a wall because he felt his heart beating to a thousand and one sexual arousal impossible to hide. “It makes Me happy to know that there was someone like him, who represented all the things I believe in”, said Jolie. A few days after that meeting, the daughter of Jon Voight is tattooed the name of Billy Bob Thornton in the groin, waiting for him to discover. And what if it was discovered. Just a few weeks after they made a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas and get married!

Meanwhile, several miles away, but also on the other side of the world, Dern continued with his film. He had spoken several times with Billy, and no alarm rang in his head. One afternoon to be entertained for a little got to look at a magazine. Boring I spent the pages and suddenly one picture in double size showed to your partner marrying another. To seal your commitment in a time of exchange alliances, had made pendants that contained the blood of the other.

He never knew if he cried at the screams, if you broke your photos, or if cursed Angelina. Many years later recognized that when you open that magazine felt like a sudden death. “There was never a closure, or a clarification of what happened.” Never received a call from his now ex-partner. Never a message, an apology, even a minimal explanation. He returned to his house and not found a single one belonging to him. Just left it alone.

The couple no longer communicate anymore. Twelve years later, Thortom referred to as unorthodox, and painful with the ending of his relationship with Dern and tested something similar to an apology. “Someone can say that I left a girl for marry with another. It was not so. I left someone who made me happy to be with another person that made me happier. I regret that it caused you pain”.

After three years together, the multi-talented artist and Jolie split: “She was wearing a global lifestyle and mine is agorafóbico. It really is the only reason I probably still will not be together. We wanted a different path for the life styles that we wanted to take.”

While on the east coast of the united States, Thortom, and Jolie fell in love with and to Dern it was heart breaking, on the west coast, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston sitting together, smiling and happy on the eve of the Emmy awards and demonstrated to the world their romance. It was September 1999, converted into the couple most popular of America, July 29, 2000 married her. The two had begun their way firmly to the megaestrellato. She’s like the Rachel of Friends and him as the actor more cute time but on the big screen showed that it was much more than a pretty face.

A year after the wedding, Jennifer accepted an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone and he admitted that at the beginning of their relationship, his friends were concerned because they thought her now-husband could be a cocky, but to know him they realized that he was a great person and he admitted to the good of the marriage. “You know, if ever there is a discussion you can’t say: ‘hey, fuck you, I’m out of here!’. You’re there for the long term. It is a beautiful thing to realize that for the first time, to have that knowledge. Remove the heat and the weight of things“.

Fame, charisma, good projects nothing seemed to ruin the future, but at the end of 2004, Pitt was chosen to star in the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. His co-star was an actress from sexy that the previous year had been separated from Billy Bob Thorton, your partner. She was Angelina Jolie.

It is not known if Jennifer felt worried or if he remembered what he lived for Laura Dern. Nor if you put any qualms to her husband, or made some joke about him that he lived with his co-star with Thorton. Despite the confidence of Jennifer, in the middle of the film started building the buzz about the explosive attraction between Angelina and her husband. Years later, and separate, confessed in the magazine Vogue: “I felt I had details, situations a little inappropriate to discuss. Those things about how he couldn’t wait to go to work every day.” In response to these signals, Jennifer never made a fuss in public, or statements hurtful or even appeared in the motorhome of your husband to requisition a blanket of Nepal.

When he finished filming, and after seven years together, the marriage announced their separation. The first photos of Jolie and Pitt happy and in love they met just three months later. With the divorce accomplished and the heart is surely broken, Jennifer did not come out to rant against the woman who took her husband. Also brought to light the miseries or defects of his now ex. Each time that the press was looking for avid their statements was their silence.

In 2016, Pitt and Jolie broke down in the middle of scandals and accusations. The press and public were interesadísimos to know what he thought about Jennifer, but she kept her opinions. I would never do firewood of the fallen tree. Despite the fact that Pitt “was left by another,” always had words of affection for his ex. “We want wonderful things. None did anything wrong. Is that sometimes these things happen. If only the people could stop this trash of a novel which they believe exists between us. Please, more credit to these human,” said Aniston to the Hollywood Reporter in 2015.

Today both Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston live in a glorious time. Both do not stop working, they earn fortunes and are pampered by the success, the public and the critics. But when evening falls and reach those moments of insight only they know how much it cost them to repair their hearts after the passage of that hurricane called Angelina Jolie.