It is sweet! Mia Khalifa grabs it with both hands because it is huge and… ¡pum! it explodes in your eyes!


Mia Khalifa he returned to surprise his nearly 17 million followers on Instagram; although this time, in addition to their attributes showed something else.

After so much training to maintain the figure radiant and attractive that we know all, the former actress the adult film it took a second of calm, and it was at that moment that he suffered a hard setback.

As we know, the boyfriend of the actress lebanese is a chef and tends to fill in the table of his beloved with all sorts of delights, although on this occasion he played a bad pass.

Mine begins the video with a closeup of the two reasons that led to success and international fame, to the time it takes a plate with food.

Without achieving to contain the young catch with both hands a giant supercharged, which undoubtedly planning to enjoy from beginning to end, but when you try to split it in half… ¡pum! the accident occurs.

“Somehow I managed to catch prawn sauce on my glasses (glasses of food) and within my cornea”, account Mine in the text that accompanies the images and that caused laughter among his friends and followers.

The good thing is that Mia Khalifa he made a rapid recovery and, according to account, hours after he was able to enjoy in family of a rock concert. In addition, none of its great attributes is affected, and that, without doubt, is a big, big, news.

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