Kylie Jenner and the strict rules that put them to the babysitters, Stormi


Once agreed upon, the selected women have to commit themselves to comply with a strict regulation imposed by the star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

The rules that they must follow the nannies Stormi

‘Kylie did not want to have nannies in the beginning, but after spending 3 sleepless nights with your daughter, she became convinced that she needed help’, he assured a reporter to Hollywood Life. And this resulted in a squad full of caregivers!

Why would you have 4 nannies the daughter of Kylie Jenner?

This celeb needs a full time staff to help her, so that considered that 4 nannies in different shifts would be the best option. Also, Kylie does not want that Stormi is ‘harte’ or ‘bored’ of living too long with the same person.

Qualities that must be the babysitter of the daughter of Kylie Jenner

In addition to the already mencioandas above, the nannies must have a good sense of fashion and to be dog lovers, according to OK! Magazine.

Do not have a schedule defined

Considering that Kylie travels and goes to parties often, the caregivers of Stormi do not have a regular schedule, but that must be always alert of any call, at any time, you also need to have a willingness to travel and work during the early morning.