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Prince Karol Accidentally Showed A Private Photo Of His Grandson

Prince Charles

Prince Charles spoke to his subjects for the first time after defeating the coronavirus. On the recording published by the Palace, the heir to the throne is in his home office. Perceptive Internet users saw a charming, private and unpublished photo of Prince George on one of the shelves.

Prince Karol can boast of a close relationship with his grandchildren. Grandfather’s relationship with George, Charlotte, and Louis can be seen even during official events and royal photo sessions, the effects of which are regularly published on the occasion of birthdays or other family occasions.

However, Karol has a special bond with Prince George. The eldest son of William and Kate is currently less than six years old and is the first long-awaited grandson of the 71-year-old heir to the throne. What’s more, he is very much like his father. The arrangement of the face, blond hair with a side-banged fringe and a wide smile are the hallmarks of Prince William, whom we remember from the heartwarming photos of Princess Diana. However, visual similarity is not everything. As Princess Kate betrayed several times during conversations with her subjects, compared to four-year-old Charlotte, her son is a calm, thoughtful and gentle boy. Just like William when he was a child.

Interestingly, a few years ago Prince Harry noticed that George also resembles … Charles himself. In the document “Elizabeth at 90” he addressed his older brother, saying:

See, George walks just like our father! Or father walks like George

Therefore, we are not surprised that a six-year-old holds such an important place in his grandfather’s heart. It reminds him not only of his first-born son but also of himself.

Because the royal family has different laws than the ordinary Kowalski family, Prince Charles doesn’t see his grandchildren as often as he would like. His duties and the fact that Cambridge often reside in their country residences in Norfolk do not allow him to do so. Royal commitments, numerous meetings with representatives from around the world, as well as cooperation and care for charity organizations prevent Elżbieta II’s son from meeting and playing with grandchildren on “human” principles. There is not even a word about protection in the absence of parents – Karol and his son’s children usually meet during official state events, holidays and family occasions such as birthdays.

Karol, George and William in 2015

A charming picture of George in the office of Prince Charles. The photo has never been published before

Sitting in his home office at Clarence House, Prince Charles found a way to long for his beloved children. Between the books and documents that surround his desk, where he performs his professional duties, stands … a charming picture of Prince George. Perceptive Internet users noticed them on the latest recording of the heir to the throne, who spoke to the people after quarantine and defeat of the coronavirus. Karol sits there at his desk, giving a message, and behind him is a small, private and now unpublished photograph of his grandson.

The photo is from 2015 when Prince Geroge was 3 years old. Dressed in a white hat, polo shirt, and denim bib shorts, he posed with his grandfather during one of the photo sessions. However, this photograph has never been published.

unpublished photo of George from 2015
unpublished photo of George from 2015

Prince Karol showed a similar photo in 2015 while promoting the “Earth Hour” campaign. On the web, the royal family then published a recording where the heir to the throne speaks, standing next to a framed picture with little Georg.

Prince Karol in 2015

Have you noticed a mini photo of George on Prince Charles’s bookshelf? We must admit that it took us a moment to find her among the trinkets on the wall of the royal office. Despite this, we are glad to hear that, although he is the successor to the conservative British throne, he still remains a warm, family man, for whom the immediate family is of great importance.

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