Rihanna confesses his love for Mexico in a famous publication | Newspaper of Mexico



The singer Rihanna ensures that she loves Mexico, one of the countries in which it has lived in a secret manner, and where it feels more quiet.

Without specifying the place of his residence in this country, the native of Barbados said: “I Just love Mexico, I really have to get a DNA test. Maybe I went a plant of the agave (in another life)”.

The interpreter Umbrella appears on the cover of the british edition of the Vogue magazine, for which he noted that he feels identified with the struggle of latinos.

Because his mother was an immigrant from Guyana, a former colony of the Uk in South america), said, “I really relate and I empathize with the mexicans or latinos, who are discriminated against in the united States. I know what it feels like to have to the immigration entering your house in the middle of the night and dragging people out.”

Throughout the interview, the famous interpreter made other statements, between which it emphasizes his desire to have 3 or 4 children, although emphasizing that it is not among their priorities to have a couple.

To attend to all their activities, but also to be closer to family, the singer said that there are four places in which to reside: London, Paris, his home country, Barbados and Mexico. The barbadense, who has excelled in the music and in the world of beauty and fashion, as a designer and entrepreneur, also has a facet altruistic with his foundation, which helps education programs and response to emergencies around the world.

After more than three years, Rihanna returned to music with the release last week of the theme Believe It” in collaboration with rapper canadian PartyNextDoor.

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