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Captivated thousands with its beauty. A young youtuber panamanian has left with the mouth open to thousands of their fans YouTube after sharing a thought-provoking video that looks imitating the most sensual photographs of the exactriz of adult cinema Mia Khalifa.

The young influencer of YouTube decided to meet the challenge that will put his legion of fans and showed off all her charms of tiny garments, to emulate the hot photos of Mia Khalifa. The result has become viral and has sparked all kinds of reactions on social networks.

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Katherine Cal, more commonly known as WindyGirk, is a young youtuber panamanian that has become very famous in YouTube for his gameplays that you share on this social platform. The young man does not hesitate to show off their physical attributes in every video that you make, so that your fans every time you make challenges more ‘rogues’ in order that she displayed part of her well-kept figure.

The young panamanian shared on your channel YouTube a small challenge that you overcame, which was to mimic the evocative photographs of the exactriz of adult cinema Mia Khalifa. As is well known, the young lebanese they often share hot pictures with very little clothing, and wearing all kind of lingerie, so that WindyGirk he had to divest himself of his garments and as well emulate these suggestive ‘poses’ that have been chosen by the bride Robert Sandberg.

The result of this ‘challenge viral’ was shared on YouTube and it has caused furor among the fans WindyGirk since this young woman wore all her charms in pieces of lace. The photographs of the young influencer they were very commented social networks and thousands do not hesitate to fill it with compliments due to the radical change that looks after overcoming a health problem.

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In the upper part of this publication, we leave some of the photographs more controversial than the famous youtuber WindyGirk he shared in their social networks. Although the young man has a lot of followers on YouTube, what is certain is that it is very popular in Facebook and Instagram, social networks in which thousands support the work you do every day.