3 things that never made sense about Rachel


Rachel Green it was one of the main characters of the series in the 1990’s. He or she lives Jennifer Anistonthe main protagonist of the Friends it has become much loved because of the personality of a unique, growing and maturing in the course of the show.

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As is the case with all of the main characters of the Friendsa few questions about the Rachel they have not answered, and the Screenrant list 3 of them:

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At the time of hiring a worker that is qualified and experienced to help you in a new position Rachel you choose Tag – a guy is young and attractive, you really don’t have the same ability to Hilda.

The two went on to have a relationship for a while, and this is incredibly unprofessional of Rachel that had proven to be very solid, professionally, at this stage of the series.

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At the end of the series, Rachel get off the plane and let it go to a new life in Paris, France, to get back into a relationship with Ross. This is possibly the question most asked of the series as it would be for the life of the Rachel if she would have agreed to such a career opportunity?

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In the first episode, it seems painfully obvious to all of you Ross still completely in love with Rachel. However, it takes a little bit of attention I for her to finally open her eyes and realize what was in front of him the whole time. Rachelyou really don’t notice or ignored it, the feelings of the Ross?

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