Bring Me The Horizon, the offers the records of the recording of the new album


Bring me the horizon

Photo by: Rafael Strabelli / country Music

Bring Me The Horizon continued to be full steam ahead on the production of their new work in the studio, and in the last week, it was released a couple of records on their Youtube channel.

The video shows the group recording the parts of the guitar and the vocals on many of the songs that will be in the eighth album by English-speaking people. In addition to this, there are also records a moment of relaxation between all the band members and producers, with the support of the mother of Oli Sykes. All of this, in the company of the star of the new documentary, the dog Luna.

The band will be taking advantage of the quarantine, in the best way possible, using the time alone, in order to focus on the new album, and, at the same time producing the content to keep the interaction with the fans during that period of time. You can check out the video released earlier here.

The eighth studio work of the BMTH coming on stream of the EP’s released by the group in December 2019 at the latest, “Music to Listen”, with the participation of the singer Halsey.

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