¡Extravaganza! In Ecuador, parents called their baby Mia Khalifa


In a beautiful city Ecuador call Blanket, live Mia Khalifaa small newborn that is already famous on the social networks because their parents decided to call her as the famous exactriz porn.

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The Mia Khalifa ecuadorian living in a neighborhood of two streets, called the October 9, was born on the 1st of October in the hospital of the IESS, and on Wednesday, his father spread your name on social networks, making it a celebrity, published the journal.ec.

Their parents are a group of young people called Andrés Zambrano, and Maria Sanchez, his father was so excited by the birth of the drink and by the name you chose, that’subió a photo of the identity card of the newly born in Facebook.

That action was enough to that the social networks are going to burst.

After it became known that who selected the name of the baby was her dad -the mother of the small was not quite in accordance with the same-Andrew commented that you selected, so that your daughter does not pass unnoticed.

It should be noted that Mia Khalifa is the stage name of a exactriz porn lebanese call Sarah Chamoun, when you search on the internet can generate 155 million results, mostly related to their pornographic videos, details the journal.ec.

Now Mia Khalifa is a youtuber famous and has a line of intimate apparel.

The journal the journal.ec tried to located the father of the baby, a young man of 28 years working in pharmacy, to ask why you selected the name of the former porn actressAndrew replied that he is not proud of the name, but satisfied.

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He is a fan of Mia Khalifa, said that by choosing that name, and because of the past of the actress, had many critics, even his mother told him that she did not agree.

What he pointed out, “There is No one in Ecuador that bears that name, is something unique. In Manabí, there are weird names, but none like this”, he added that when the small grow very, very few people will remember the actress. By the bullying also is concerned because they rely on the ecuadorian authorities.

According to Andrew since he learned that she was a girl, insisted on the name of Mia Khalifa, because-regardless of his work as a porn actress – she is a very nice woman, with a unique charisma and unique beauty.

He added that you should not discriminate against anyone because of his past, nor do you want your daughter to be a porn actress.

Ended the interview by ensuring that if it had been male, the selected name was Jordi, as an actor in pornographic Spanish.

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