Instagram: Larissa Manoela is on the young brazilian in the world


Just about to make his debut at the Globe, marking a new and important phase in her life, Larissa Manoela has achieved a world record on Wednesday (1). The actress is 19 years old and became a young brazilian woman the most followed on Instagram, with 30.6 million followers. She has surpassed that Happen to Silva, it remains to 30.5 million.

Larissa Manoela on the tests in the World: ‘I Was nervous’

The leadership of the world, that is, the singer Was Eilish, who has more than 59,4 millions and millions of fans on social networks, followed by british actress Millie Bobby Brown), with 32.4 million fans on Instagram.

Very popular in social networks and Contraceptive She is still far away from Anitta, a celebrity in brazil’s most followed in social media, with 46.1 million followers. On the podium was occupied by yet Tatá Werneck (40.4 million) and Bruna Marquezine (39 million euros).

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Record of Larissa Manoela

This is the first record of a Larissa Manoela this year. It is a part of the cast of the film, So far, in the Series, which became one of the film’s non-English-speaking the more popular the platform, reaching out to 28 million views.

In an interview with the writer, Leo Dias, Larissa She said that, contrary to what you may think, has already been approved in the testing, even in the World.

“I did a test in my entire life. And, before long, the Contraceptive She is to be a Mary, Unemployed, of ‘Carousel’, and I have received many, many are not. I did some tests on me, which was disappointing. I was nervous,” she told the star in, that tells you that you made the most of the experience to become stronger.

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In her stories she has posted a video of her participation in the 2010, when he was 09 years old, in the miniseries Dalva e Erivelto – A-Love-Song. She would be the singer Dalva de Oliveira in early childhood.

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