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The outbreak of the coronavirus has made various celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner remain in their homes, by adopting the measure of mandatory quarantine that have been imposed on various governments.

The artist and the entrepreneur, have drawn the attention not only for posting videos and photos of what you do during the isolation; but because they have ceased to see the luxuries and comforts of their mansions.

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Kylie Jenner located just past the quarantine with his daughter at his home in Los Angeles, the residence was remodeled and has a pool and gardens which have been photographed by magazines such as Architectural Digest.

The celebrity has been active in networks hanging pictures and giving some advice to her followers about the things you can do to distract him during the days of confinement.

Kylie Jenner passes quarantine in their luxurious mansion. Photo: Instagram

In those postcards you can see who has a mansion with minimalist style. The stairs leading to the second floor have a railing made of glass and is decorated by portraits of various artists.

In addition, on other occasions, Kylie Jenner has shown that it has a huge closet, where you store your handbags and shoes of various sizes and colors.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber and his wife decided to spend the quarantine in Canadain a house far away from the city, as reported by the magazine People.

Lazy loaded component

The last days the artist has been making funny videos for TikTok; in one of his latest clips published in Instagram performs the challenge, “The floor is lava”so that has ceased to see the areas of their luxurious mansion.

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The house is decorated with monochromatic colors and have multiple floral arrangements. The living room has a fireplace and the furniture are white and gray, the same colors are repeated in the dining room.

Below, you can see that the mansion houses a number of rooms. Justin Bieber only runs one of them, a room of average size, where the bed and the closet are white.

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