Kendall Jenner, model and Kardashian, drank up to 12 cups a day of this peculiar tea


The detox diet it consists in the purification of the body rejecting the power that this need not and including the right foods to work well for a few days. As its own name indicates, all good product detox must promote, in any way, the elimination of toxins, and one of the favorites of the celebs are the teas.

There are many celebrities who take, for example, the clan of Kardashian-Jenner is a fan of this drink. In fact, in 2014 Kendall Jenner had that took as a preparation for the fashion week. “I take as 12 cups a day”confessed the young model and entrepreneur, and although we don’t know how healthy that is truth, or not, we are here to inform.

  Tea from Kusmi, the favorite of Kendall Jenner. (Amazon)
Tea from Kusmi, the favorite of Kendall Jenner. (Amazon)

But what is your brand of header if you want to try out in the comfort of your own home? It is a tea blue of Kusmi that, according to the description of the product, it encourages you to immerse yourself in the heart of the Caribbean with its mix of exotic and fruity yerba mate, green tea and rooibos flavoured with a note of zesty and captivating pineapple. If that weren’t enough, add to that its texture is voluptuous wakes up the senses for a moment of escape and pure well-being.

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Sounds like a good idea? Best you know. That is what I think at least the people who have left their reviews the Amazon website, where you can buy this tea in multiple formats, including a monísimas cans decorative. A few stand out for their flavor, their aroma and the quality of the ingredients, and others, more thrifty, that the same bag you can give easily to three or four cups.

An exhibitor with the tea Kusmi in NY, a favorite of Kendall Jenner. (Getty)
An exhibitor with the tea Kusmi in NY, a favorite of Kendall Jenner. (Getty)

The story of tea from Kusmi –that grows in the Himalayas– it dates back more than 150 years ago, when its creator, Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichofflearned the art of mixing the tea. In the year 1867, Kousmichoff opened his first store in his native St. Petersburg. Later, she performed several journeys through Europe, where he was extending the business, that has lived a second youth in the XXI century, thanks among other things to become the favorite drink of influencers.

Among its properties are (supposed) to leave a smoother skin and shiny, act as anti-aging, and remove toxins from the body, helping to weight loss is not desired. The makers of the brand claim that we should take between six and eight cups of the same per day for optimal and visible results.