Kim Kardashian; lessons of style for women with curves

Socialite Kim Kardashian he has evolved his style over the years and began to impose a tendency to be the wife of the rapper Kanye West. The venture as entrepreneur in the world of fashion with their clothing line call KIMS, in addition to being one of the women within the medium that is characterized by highlight and not to be afraid to show their lush curves.

Kim Kardashian it was the woman who was not afraid to show their curves to the world and on the red carpet and here we tell you what are their secrets to looking flawless in your style sensual but at the same time in fashion and trend.

Lessons style of Kim Kardashian

The clothes fit to the body to visually reduce sizes, because they don’t add extra pounds, define your waist and in addition highlights your curves of the right shape and attractive. This is the trick of fashion that Kim Kardashian has perfected over the years, because in spite of sin in some of their outfits being rather elegant, the time has come to be sensual and elegant at the same time.

The dress of a single color, it is a trick that also will take away from extra pounds over, which elongates your silhouette, slims and in addition you concentrate your total attention on the curves prominent and not in the details of your body that gives you worth show. It is as well as Kim Kardashian has managed to look thin in spite of their great curves.

The suits of tailor are a new trend that incorporate women to dress elegant but also to make them appear taller and thinner. How to achieve that? With the stature and the measure of thy body, long pants, and shoulder pads prominent for the body types as Kim Kardashian, as it balances the figure visually and lights elegant with some cute heels to match.

For the night or an elegant event, Kim Kardashian copy the secret to Sofia Vergara to look stunning at night. The dress with cut siren allows you to tailor the top and highlight the hips of a beautiful form and elegant with the fall of the fabric to the ground to give vision of a sculpture. Practically, art for the eyes.