Running shoes Apple has never marketed it, sold at auction for$ 50, a thousand


Have you ever heard of the tennis-for the Apple? If you said no, you are in the majority, because a majority of people, even passionate fans of the company, you may not even know that these footwear have been in existence. And for that very reason, because they are so rare, and collector’s items, it is sold for anything less than$ 9.687 — or$ 50,3 billion in the direct conversion. The trading took place in the last week on the website of the online auction by Heritage Auctions.

But Apple has attempted to create a line of clothing and shoes? No, actually, this foray into fashion was in the period of transition to the new home. A good knowledge of the history of the company and its co-founder Steve Jobs said: “you know, in the period from the mid -‘ 80s, and by the end of the ‘ 90s was a tumultuous for the company, with the departure and the return of ceo steve Jobs and a series of attacks with no results.

And it was precisely at this time that Apple has made a few items to make the brand more user-friendly, and even internally, as is the case with these shoes. The prototype, which was produced in 1986, it has become a treat for the staff, and was never released to the public. Here’s what one of those pairs, was the one who came to the auction last Wednesday (may 25).

Image: A Reproduction/Heritage Auctions

The sneaker Apple appear to have nothing in particular, a great deal of technological innovation, only to follow the standard of comfort of the season, and bring in the right centre, with a delightful retro feel overwhelming, especially for the players.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that the shoes of the Apple ended up in the auctions at Heritage Auctions. Adidas has come to create a prototype of your version of tennis, etc in the 90’s, and in the fall of 2017, those models that were listed for sale in US$ 15 billion (almost us$ 78 billion in direct conversion). The experts considered the possibility of them being bought for as much as US$ 36 billion (or$ 187 billion). But no one is interested, and it was for this very reason.

“Memorabilia” vintage ” Apple’s success in the auction

Old items that are connected to the giant of Cupertino, california, tend to raise a lot of money to collectors on online auction sites. Jerrold C. Manock, who helped create the Apple II, and recently put on sale, a contract for that machine signed by Steve Jobs himself and snapped up the “tune” of$ 37.023 (R$ 192.3 billion in direct conversion).

Image: A Reproduction/Heritage Auctions

On an Apple Power-Book, which also bears the signature of the Jobs, and it cost US$ 10.137 (R)$ to 52.7 million). A set of four beach towels with the logo of the Apple that was auctioned off for US$ 477 ($2.5 billion), and a clock on Apple’s ‘Think Different’ has exceeded the estimates by generating a winning bid of US$ 1.1 billion (R$ 5.7 million). A Macintosh portable in 1989 and it was sold for US$ 578 (R$ 3 million), and a letter written in June, 1992, it cost Us$ 12.246 (R$ 63.6 million).

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But there is nothing better than the small fortune obtained by one of the very few models of the Apple-1 computer has had a sledgehammer hit US$ 366.969, or$ 1.9 million. Have never seen a “cacareco” with a maçãzinha written on the piece was worth so much in the history of the world.

Source: Phone Arena