Selena Gomez enjoy the pictures of Justin Bieber on the internet, and surprise the fans


Because of the coronavirus, all over the world, it is home to the quarantine without being able to do a lot of things, including the world famous. Although Selena Gomez has released a clip recently of the former Disney and is also in isolation at their home. And with a lot of free time, we end up doing it, and thinking about what you shouldn’t, you know? Well, that’s what the fans think of what happened with the singer during the last week-end, when they realized that the Service was really enjoying the publications that are related to the Justin Bieber on Instagram. I wonder what’s going on here?

First and foremost, it is important to note that the Selena Gomez don’t “like” photos on Instagram of Justin Bieber. One of the posts is, in fact, the profile of the Moises Arias, the actor who played the part of the cast of “Hannah Montana”. The photo in question is of the abdomen of the Bieber. The other picture is dedicated to a shipper for the former couple Jelena. The picture is from the year 2018, for a trip that the two made together to the dominican republic, the wedding, the father-of-Bieber. Needless to say, this has caused the greatest confusion in the minds of selenators, do you? After all, with the release of the new album “Rare”, Better exposed, as is the relationship of the two, he was troubled, and how complicated it was to get rid of it.