You have no idea how the L Ear went in to the Hype of the House, the larger the group of TikTokers in the world


If you live in the world of TikToksurely you already have heard about the group of influencers in the social network, the Hype The House.

Formed by the Chase Hudson and Thomas The Followingthe three TikTokers and now, the entrepreneurs, those that influence, live together in a house in Los Angeles where to save your videos to your social networks. One of our favorites, the Addison Raetold it as it was in the process of entering the pro-group and we don’t know what it would be like this.

+ Addison Rae, the star of the TikTok is highly critical of those who say that TikTokers does not seem to work

In a video of James and Charles, the cat found that it was all unexpected. She had met up with Thomas, who had the whole idea of us empowering, and he said that he had bought the house, but then again, she hadn’t gone to the HH. But, Adisson said that a few days have passed, and the group decided to take the official photo, and for the TikToker to take a peek and join, if she wanted to. And it’s not that, after these pictures, she became a member of the official?!

“I have met Thomas and he was, ‘I’ve Got this idea about a home in which we all live in and collaborate,’ and I was like, ‘What is he talking about?’. Finally, they bought a house and I said: ‘Beauty, I’m going to take a look at it’. As time passed, the first picture in the Hype of the House was going to happen, and Thomas called me, saying, ‘Listen, your Career is going to take some pictures, be sure to bring jeans and a white t-shirt just in case. If you do decide to appear into some of the shots with the amount of Hype Hoyse, you can do it!’”

And that’s where it all went wrong! She took part in the first photo, as a friend of the influential and can’t wait to just go to this group that we love so much! It gives just a little peek at the video: