Youtuber and ex-Bella Thorne, Anne Mongeau, you will open yourself up after being threatened with a weapon: “you Could have died”


Back in January, fans of the empowering Anne Mongeau they were worried about you after the youtuber talk about a situation in which you had a gun pointed at her. No-one could understand a lot of what has happened, but in the latest episode of her reality tv show, “theIn The Filter“ then, the blonde bombshell has opened up about what happened on that day.

She went to visit her childhood friend, and also the influence on Imari At The Same Time in Las Vegas after he had gone through a surgery and ended up having a fun night out with your family friend. But the host of the house they had rented was bound for Imari complaining about the noise. So far, so good, and he is on the right. Indeed, the master of the house had signed a contract stating that it was permissible for the recording of the reality show, the inside of the property.

A few minutes for the connection to the host, knocked on the door of the house, and those who attended was Anne. He responded by yelling at the empowering, and asking for her to come into the house. Imari told the story of how it was this time:

“We were all sitting around enjoying our time together… And then I got a phone call. I was having a problem with the house that we rented, and the owner was very upset with the noise. Suddenly, we heard someone’s stick on the doorstep.”

And Anne told them how he was the moment he opened the door of the house that is rented by a:

“I opened the door and I said, ‘You’re the man of the house?’ and he said, ‘you Close, this I*the and w**ra’s house.’”

She said that she listened to the man, lifting up the voice of the father, the friend, and then, when they went to the stairs, and the host of home taking a gun out of his clothing. Apparently, he got more angry after they saw all the cameras are connected to the inside of the house, and recording all of the time, so much so that in the episode, you can see some of the later scenes of the team from the sidelines.

At that time, we didn’t know what he was capable of doing. We could have been killed.”

The host will let them leave the house without anything to do with the opinion and with the attending guests, and we’ll be happy to know that all is well with all of you. Tana said that this was the day that she learned a lot about the value of the people with whom you work, and you want everyone to be safe and secure.