Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together again


Brad Pitt who was married to the actress also Angelina Jolie and who is to give the child an upbringing 6 children together, will be together again.

Despite the fact that their relationship apparently he was pretty good in the end decided to finish it because of problems that were presenting, which was the best thing for their relationship and their children.

However, according to the Vogue magazine the former couple has decided to meet again but with the goal of doing a collaboration together for the creation of a rosé wine.

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The reason that both actors will create a new business, and together, it is precisely because of their children so that in the future they have a heritage that will help them economically or as a family business even though they are separated.

Not only will be a wine either, the protagonists of Mr. and Mrs Smith launching a champagne pink,both of which possess a wine cellar in French: Chateau Miraval, with his business partner Marc Perrin.

After 12 years of dating and 2 of marriage one of the most famous couples in Hollywood end your relationship because of the addiction of Brad Pitt, his alcoholism.

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Also Pitt mentioned that he spent eighteen months attending alcoholics anonymous, which helped him a lot to be able to overcome your addiction and also to overcome the pain of having lost his family.

With the aim of redressing a bit the mistakes he made with your family the best thing you can do Brad Pitt is leaving a legacy and heritage to their six children and what better way than to do it with his ex-partner and mother exemplary.

In specific, about the new business Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieMarc Perrin has been said that this wine would taste more bold, since that would be produced from a portion of grapes pressed.

“With this pink 2012, Miraval reveals the extraordinary potential of wines from Provence. This unique region has expressed itself naturally in the aromatic wine with a taste round that is filled with freshness”, the family said Perrin in a press release.

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