Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson for the new “Little Shop of Horrors”


In 1960, Roger Corman directed The little shop of horrors (Little Shop of Horrors), a superb comedy film that, years later, in 1986, had a remake still better directed by Frank Oz and starring Rick Moranis. Now, everything indicates that Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Taron Eggerton estelarizarán a new version of this tape.

The first two films feature the life of the owner of a florist who begins to have a strange relationship with a carnivorous plant; a being that, as it increases in size, need more and more food. The problem is that their favorite food is human beings, so that will manipulate his owner to get people to devour.

Little Shop of Horrors. Source-Mouse For The Third

Greg Berlanti will be in charge of directing this second remakethat , among their ranks already has Billy Pourter confirmed to give voice to the famous carnivorous plant. Also, Berlanti reported that, up until now, Scarlett Johansson and Taron Egerton are also in talks to participate in the project.

In addition, recently it has been said that Chris Evans is in negotiations for a role in the film, specifically the Orin Scrivello, which in 1986 was played by Steve Martin, and whose personality is of a sadistic dentist who enjoys to make suffer to their patients.

Little Shop of Horrors. Source: Tabakalera

In regards to Johansson, the actress would give life to Audrey, the woman loved by Seymourthe owner of the shop that would embody Egerton.

The three actors are still in talks, but taking into account that The little shop of horrors it is as much a comedy as a musical (at least the version of 1960), and that in some way Evans, Johansson and Egerton have experience singing, then the chances are good.

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For proof of this, we should remember the actions of the young man Eggerton in the tape Rocketman, where he gave life to the singer Elthon John. In this work, John suggested to give her voice to the songs that were heard, but Egerton refused to be he himself who will be singing each and every one of the pieces.

Rocketman. Source: Heraldo de Aragón

In Evans, although it is not yet his official announcement, the actor retuiteó a tweet of The Hollywood Reporter in the which it is reported that “@Chris Evans is in negotiations to play a character key in The little shop of horrors Greg Berlanti”.

This last is interesting, because either the actor retuiteó the news to confirm it or wanted to imply that at least is interested in the role.

Chris Evans. Source: DANAMIC

There is still no date for the premiere of the tape, but this new remake of The little shop of horrors it will be produced by Marc Platt, Sarah Schechter and Berlanti.

It is expected that the filming will start this summer.