Courteney Cox to put up videos of fun, and it makes Jennifer Aniston die of laughter


Courteney Coxwhich gave details about the meeting Friendsis giving a talk on social media. And this Sunday, the 5th, Courteney he made a friend Jennifer Aniston dying laughing at your video.

Based on the challenge of the dance of the “Savage”, the TikTok, the actress has put its steps for the game, but using the filters to the fun. At first, it begins with the appearance of the baby is of Snapchat, and in the second, he was unrecognizable as a man.

“The player’s choice”she wrote in the caption. The star has received a lot of feedback, including that of Aniston’s, which said: “I will be. I’m in. DYING from laughing”to the side of the emoji crying of so much laugh.

Julianne Moore and Charlie Puth also, life Love using the emojis but it was David Spade the person responsible for the comment in a funny way. The t-shirt in grey Rob Lowe or Jared Leto? The two of you dance very well”.

Your comment gave us the impression of a post-viral Courteney, where it can be used in a filter for the beard to become the lead singer of the Thirty Seconds To Mars. Rocking his facial hair, “virtual”, she wrote on the selfie: “Jared Leto-stirs-today. #Feelinggorgeous”.

With the publication of Courteney dancing, it was not the first in which she showed her impressive skills on the dance floor. At the beginning of this month, and she ventured a few steps with the “Slidegang!”, the Lil ‘ Jackiein a video epic of the TikTok. The post even attracted the attention of his colleague in the Friends, Matthew Perrysaid“Hi honey, what the hell just happened?”.

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