Jennifer Lopez breaks the quarantine and goes to the gym

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez have been heavily criticized this week for having broken their quarantine, and social distance, when you go to a gym in Miami, when they asked for their fans to stay safe at home during the this is due to the coronavirus.

But the couple did receive a special treatment by the owner, who made an exception and allowed for the exclusive use of the place.

Even though the establishment has been closed off to the rest of the public, in an attempt to keep the measures of social distancing, the couple has been passionate about for years is sure to be met.

Some of the fans didn’t like the exposure on the couple, and criticized the fact that they have broken the quarantine, and to give rise to a false message.

Hours later, Rodriguez has shared a video on his Instagram showing that he is, J-Lo and the kids are really enjoying it together with the social distancing, while they were playing volley ball in the gardens of his parents ‘ house in Florida.

The current as well

On the 6th of April and the premiere on the new platform for streaming on Quibi, in the new series, Jennifer Lopez’s, where she and a group of celebrities as well as to highlight how acts of kindness can connect us in amazing ways.

The show is called Thanks a Million, (a million thanks), and that follows 10 celebrities as they start the chain of kindness by giving$ us100, 000 (US$ 517 million), a person, and we need to move forward. This person will have to donate half of the money to the other person, and, from there, the power of loving-kindness.

The trailer, released on Tuesday (may 31), and J-Lo who is also the executive producer on the project, explained that each of the celebrity you have selected a person who has made a profound difference in your life.

In the 10 episodes, or$ 1,000,000 (US$ 5,17 million) which will be placed in the hands of the common people.

Take part in the first season, Jennifer davis, Kristen Bell and Nick Jonas, Tracy Morgan, Aaron Rodgers, Yara Shahidi, Gabriel Iglesias, Anthony Davis, Kevin Hart, and Karlie Kloss.