Kylie Jenner prepares burgers while enjoying your amazing pool


During the days of quarantine, motivated by the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19, we’ve spent more time at home than usual and to keep us entertained we will try new things. So what did Kylie Jenner demonstrating their skills in the kitchen.

The multi-billion dollar shared some images of a few burgers prepared byaccompanied by their French fries, while I enjoyed a sunny day in the swimming pool of his luxury mansion in California.

kylie jenner

My burgers are beautiful“he wrote accompanying the picture. Kylie may not prepared all of this alone, it is known that has a battalion of servants to please her in everything, but the girl is working hard.

kylie jenner

With these post, Kylie Jenner has stayed out of the drama that surrounds the family Kardashian: the recent fight between Kourtney and Kim that did serious physical damage. It all started when Kim accused Kourtney of not working hard enough for the familythe biggest of the Kardashian did not react well to the accusation and things got out of control.

There have been No press releases about it, just know that Kourtney is seriously thinking of abandoning the recording of the reality show to focus on the upbringing of their children and their well-being.

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