Portuguese brand releases T-shirts to pay tribute to those who are on the front line


Portuguese brand releases T-shirts to pay tribute to the “heroes” back from the front line

The Thidols, which was founded in the October of last year, has as its objective to redefine the concept of the hidden immunity idol.

Honor for the heroes.

It’s called “Thank You”, and it serves to acknowledge the work of all those who are on the front line in the fight against the Covid-19. This is the second collection of the Thidols, a Portuguese brand of T-shirts, which was launched in October last year that it intended to pay tribute to those that have a positive impact on the world.

Health care professionals and workers from the chains of food supermarkets, the scientists are seeking a cure for the virus, and the world leaders who make tough decisions every day, all the neighbors that help the most vulnerable, those who are in the house, and all of which, for the sake of the work, it is not able to do so these are, according to the brand, “the new heroes”, which are divided into seven categories, as represented by the line of the special.

Since last Thursday, on the 2nd of April, and this is the second collection of the Thidols is now available in-store and online, with at least seven groups of “idols,” the prints on the models, so that you can pay tribute to their heroes. There are two designs available, one in white T-shirts with the image, and the other with just the letters on a black background. Each unit costs 24,90€, but you can also buy the two, if you prefer, 44,90€.

In order to directly help those who are fighting against the Covid-19, the brand will donate 20% of all profits from the collection of the International Red Cross, one of the global institutions that are at the forefront of the fight against the hiv pandemic. Soap, hand sanitizer, protective gear such as gloves, goggles, towels, and thermometers are just some of the equipment in which the institution is to give to medical units from all over the world.

“The International Red Cross plays a vital role in the mitigation and prevention of the disease in the conflict-affected areas and in developing countries, where deficiencies in health if it makes you feel,” says Thidols in a press release.

All of our T-shirts are manufactured by following the standards of sustainability and fair trade. The fabric is made in the Uk by using the 100 per cent organic cotton, the ink is also used in iron-on transfers that is made on the basis of the water-and chemical-free and the products have an environmental certification endorsed by PETA. The vendors are in Portuguese, and all the work is done in close contact with them, in order to ensure the responsible use of resources.

“It never is the mission of the Thidols it made as much sense as the current situation, in which there is a responsibility and a spirit of sacrifice to the collective, to lock on to the new coronavirus, giving birth to, with it’s new heroes,” explains Martha, the Old, the founder of the Thidols.

The Thidols it appeared to redefine the concept of “idol,” as someone who uses their voice for a better world, is launching a collection of T-shirts with the faces of the philanthropists, the activists, and scientists on large-featured, rather than the more common star-of-the-rock. But Thunberg; in this instance, in Swedish; Stephen Hawking, the british physicist; Elon Musk, the entrepreneur from south africa; Margrethe Vestager, the european commissioner for the Danish; and mr. António Guterres, secretary-general of the UN, and the only Portuguese rider in the group, were the honorees of the first in a series.

One of the new features is that you can request to custom your own T-shirt with a picture of someone that has a special meaning. In the “My Thank You”, you can submit a picture of your grandfather that you are on your own at home, a friend, a doctor who is on the front line of or even a boss who has shown a special sensitivity” in these difficult times, and to show their support.

Then, click on the photo gallery to view some of the proposals for the collection of “Thank You”.