Rolling Stone magazine · * * * The day of Matt LeBlanc, Joey from Friends, I was watching TV and saw the house, filmed live from a helicopter


Matt LeBlanc he told of an experience of the bizarre, which would be worthy of an episode of the series, during the height of the popularity of the Friends.

The artist Joey Tribbiani he said, to take part in a talk-show The Kelly Clarkson Concertthat is in the center point of the six main stars of the series were so famous that they ended up with their homes being filmed on live television.

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“There were a couple of strange things that have happened at the time,” he said LeBlanc. “I remember one time, during the week, I was going through the channels and watching the news, and for some reason, they had a split screen on TELEVISION, the six said.”

“Each and every quadrant was the scene of the live of each and every one of our homes, like a shot out of the helicopter. “The homes of the series Friends!’ and I was like, ‘ok, what’s going on here?” ‘. I was watching it, and really, there was no information or news, it was just a house.”

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However, LeBlanc faced with the strange situation, with lots of humour, adding: “I can Remember looking at them in my house, and say, ‘this Drug, do I need a new roof. Then the helicopter flies away and I get to the ladder and climb up there.”

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Watch at the end of the interview, and Matt LeBlanc below:

In the same interview, LeBlanc we also talked about the popularity of long-term program, saying that it “seems like something that is as relevant now as at the time”.