Stranger Things | the Character is so powerful, the Game can be displayed on the fourth season of the show


With the premiere postponed until the second season of the Stranger Things you can submit a character that was new, just as powerful as in the Game (Millie Bobby Brown), according to the web site Screem Version. With the new year, the production had its premiere, released by Netflix.

The benefit should be the reason for the new character, named Nine (Nine), and appear in the COMIC are inspired by the series “Strager Things: Into the Fire. According to the story, the girl is super-powerful, has also been established at the National Laboratory Then, and he was brought up with a twin sister, the The Nine-Point-Five –for the Department of Energy’s Project Indigo.

After a number of experiences, the girls have not had the expected results and was abandoned. Instead of being killed, one of the doctors who turn to hide them. It is worth noting that the series has presented a different “sister,” of the Eleven, the Eight, which came in the second period. Jamie oliver, also known as the Nine, is a telepath, and can appear in the same order.

The information has not yet been confirmed by the team, but it is expected that the fourth season will bring many more surprises, after the remarkable result of the season. The output is available in the book Series, click here to watch.

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