Take care, Netflix and more! Quibi’s debut in the us and Canada as a new option for streaming vdeos


A new competitor to Netflix is just the first on the market – and we’re talking about Quibi, it is proposed to provide videos up to 10 minutes long. or in the least, handing out new episodes every day, so the series of presents in the book.

The idea is to work with the content of the shorter-term part of the strategy to be better integrated into the daily lives of its users.

In the united states and Canada, in markets where service is available, it costs the same US$ 7.99 (~R$ 41)offering a more affordable US$ 4.99 (~$26) ad.

The company allows users to try the service for 90 consecutive days prior to the start of the charging of the monthly fee. Currently, there are no plans for the debut of the 175 series, at least to 8,500 episodes of the first of the year.

Among the videos offered on you can also check out movies, delivered to you in the chapters, as well as a reality tv show. Many celebrities, such as Steven Spielberg, Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) and Reesee Whitherspoon, are involved in the project.

Interestingly enough, the company’s CEO, Meg Whitman, will not be considered Quibi, a rival to Netflix, but YouTube and Instagram, which offer movies of a shorter duration.

Quibi, if it fits in the niche of the entertainment is consumed in a short period of time such as, for example, when you’re on the subway or the bus, or waiting for it to be served in a queue or in a restaurant.

But, inevitably, the service that is going to end up getting a bit of attention to the Series; some of the shows you expect to be in the catalogue include “Reno 911!”a comedy, called the Die Hart (with Kevin Hart), that is based on the movie How to Lose A guy in 10 days), and a reality tv show with Nicole Richie called Nikki Fre$h.

In spite of the Quibi be taking their first steps into a crowded market, it is good to remember that, because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, a lot of people are spending lots of time in the house, which ends up increasing the demand for this type of service. It remains to be seen when (and if) the service is also going to give it to the guys in Brazil.