The daughter of Ross and Rachel on Friends, turns 18 and see how she is in It


On Saturday (04), Netflix, Brazil, reminded us, the fans of “Friends,” an unexpected outcome: your character, Emma, is the fruit of a relationship with Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), his 18th year in the year 2020.

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A scene from Friends. Ross%2C Emma, and Rachel

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The disclosure

A scene from Friends. Ross, Emma, and Rachel

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At the conclusion of the Netflix
an allusion to the fourth episode of the 10th season of ” the Friends
“which is celebrated the first birthday of her. In the story, and the class was on the birthday of the baby that we waited, because the child did not wake up from his nap. To the chagrin of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross decides to shoot a video with messages from those, who will later pass on to the child, when he reached the age of 18 years, by the year 2020. The broadcast was aired originally in October of 2003.

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One of the messages of the most notable is the Usa, which is the question of whether, by the year 2020, Emma
I would have woken from its slumber. In addition to the streaming platform, to date, has been recalled by Noelle Sheldon, american actress who played the baby in” Friends
“. I have his profile on Instagram, she wrote: “Waking up from the best nap of all time. Check it out as she grew up.