The direction of the Band approves of the project, the Band of Reporter’


The production of a weekly program of stories, the thing that has always been one of the greatest desires in the direction of the Band, and especially to the director of the press, Fernando Mitre, and is very close to being put into practice.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the strike, enforced the need to return all the care and attention to the cover of the current time, and the steps you will take to make it possible for the start of production at the moment, since they would be in a well-advanced stage.

According to the people who are directly involved with the matter, the project is well designed, even on paper, but it is ready and just waiting to receive the necessary arrangements.

It is reported that the chief executive officer to the press, He Mentioned, also, it is one of the most enthusiastic about the initiative, and it has been working quite efficiently for its implementation.

A program such as the The Band Of Reporter only to consolidate further the brand of the journalism of the Band.

The pastes of the Prior

As reported in the day following the date of their disposal, for the Record, has already put a number of people an artistic, behind the former’s brother Felipe and the Priest, in order to convince him to take part in the next one The farm.

This approach has already happened or not yet, it is not possible to know.

Not to

The audio recordings of the novels of the Record have been broken because of the coronavirus, but, in the studios of Rio de Janeiro, and the other teams are still working on it.

They are the professionals responsible for the editing and completion of the two outputs Genesis and A Love Without Equal.


In the case of the novel, that of João Emanuel Carneiro, in the line 21 in the world, for as long as there are no further updates as to the training of your team.

The only names confirmed so far are the the of the The and Colin and the Glory of the show.

The wait

Adriane Galisteu is ready, the documents, and a pen in hand to sign a new contract with on the Record.

It only has one but with a change of plans and dropping out of the back of the The Power Couple at this time, the setting is unlikely to be a sacrament now.

The next attraction

The Network TV! The 20-Yearthe Network VIDEO”, next Friday, we will bring together the best of the interviews from Luciana, Gimenez, presented at the Superpop and By Luciana By Night.

Among them, Donald Trump, Britney Spears, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Hunnam, Bryan Adams, Laura Pausini, Seal and Mick Jagger.

It’s important to remember

In the history of the Superpop have you had other speakers are important.

It began with Adriane Galisteu, and, in addition, The Come and the Him of a Mosque. It is worth to know that such details will also be mentioned in particular.

Against the coronavirus

The main Tv also has put in place measures to guard against the coronavirus. The Band, for example, on the evening of the last Thursday, and made sanitized by fogging in the whole of the company.

This eliminates the micro-organisms are harmful and prevent the spread of diseases and to the use of quaternary ammonium.


In the part that relates to the investor, in the process, from Fox Sports to a full stop. In fact, the financial market as a whole.

Hard to know if it is the Cade (conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica), in the midst of the events, will continue. You probably don’t.

No progress was made

Today’s date, no information about the new journal on Network TV!, with content designed exclusively for the coronavirus, the same two riders finished.

Apparently, it is difficult to get out.


The federal government has authorized a temporary measure, which allows firms to reduce work hours and salaries of the employee, for up to 3 months.

Grupo Silvio Santos has already begun to look into the issue.

…And another one

All of the managers of the business of the GSS between them, I have already been warned that nothing will change with respect to the current position of the staff.

Dismissals and promotions, shall not be permitted.

An alternative

Izabella Smith is running full steam ahead with the YouTube channel and every week, on Saturday, putting it on the air, interviewing people.

That is, there are three months of it. This past Saturday, the talk was a Judge of the Work, Mylene Ramos, Seidl. It is available to you.

That’s all right

On march 16, the column reported that it was a strong commentary on the life of John Jumping (the former head of journalism at the Record of the world for AFRICA to Brazil. The hammer hit in the last few days.

The trader was paid for by the Record, in the middle of an episode, an allegation of racism. He would have tried to prevent four journalists were sacked after being accused of, the committing of acts of a racist and against their co-workers.


John’s Jumping and he became the new editor-in-chief of the program The express news websitesubmitted by Monalisa Perrone and Carol Norton.

It replaces Darlan Penido promoted to the position of executive officer of branded content.

· Manifest – The-Mystery-of-Flight 828success of the Globoplay will save you space in the schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday of the Globe, from the future, after the BBB20

· … The first time brings together 16 episodes.

· In the TV show ” the #Causesthe Marcelo Tas, you don’t have her time of the novel the broken…

· … There is already a decision to continue writing, as always, receiving a distinguished guest,…

· … But each one in his own house.

· Certainly no. The print only. But in the face of examples such as this one by Marcelo Tas, it is reasonable to expect that a tv will do well in a modified after all….

· New ways of producing and presenting content that is being created…

· … What if it becomes the only way that is possible is likely to be an adaptation, or preparation, with a view to the changing times.

· Honestly I don’t know if this is normal. It’s celebrities, and even actors and actresses, in addition to other artists, it all very well…

· … But the journalist’s use of social network in promoting the brand of the clothing was very strange. Let it be?

In the Record there is already a decision that, in light of the current trend, it is not possible to plan for or carry out any study in relation to the program schedule.

After the adjustments recently made, the main ones that involved Her, and She and Sato, there is no desire to do anything else for the time being. And, each and every product, from now on, will only be in the air after the research, and thoughtful analysis.

So, that’s it. But tomorrow there’s more. I want it!