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The rock ' n ' roll, Alan Merrill that he died on account of the coronavirus to the 69-year-old (Picture: Getty Images)

The rock ‘ n ‘ roll, Alan Merrill that he died on account of the coronavirus to the 69-year-old (Picture: Getty Images)

The death of rock ‘ n ‘roll, Alan Merrill-songwriter of the classic” I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, the 69-year-old was moved to its fans. The singer died on the 29th of march, as a result of infection by the coronavirus, in New York city.

In a long article published on Facebook, Joanna Lisanti, widow of the late Alan, he told the details of the last days of rock ‘ n ‘ roll, and the chaos that he lived in the hospital during the pandemic, pointing out that the doctors were suffering from a lack of data.

Joanna told me that he began to feel ill two weeks ago. “Alan being Alan, he told me that I was getting hysterical for no reason,” he said, noting that the hospital was only doing a test, and internando for people with severe symptoms.

Alan Merrill (Photo: Handout)

Alan Merrill (Photo: Handout)

“There was nothing I could do about it Alan, unless you see it getting worse. When he’s finally able to breathe, it was so cold that I needed piles of blankets on top of him, and he couldn’t sleep, so I called for an ambulance,” he said, according to website PageSix.

When we finally arrived at the hospital, Joanna was not permitted to follow her husband into the emergency room at the hospital, where he waited for 10 hours for a test that is positive for the COVID-19, and was told that they were transferred to the intensive care unit.

“A doctor called me (afterwards) and he told me that, in fact, were not moving, as her body was shutting down because their lungs were destroyed, the other for it to work. I asked him if he had to die, all alone, and the doctor told me that I could go and say goodbye,” said the widow.

Merrill was the lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and master of the band, the Arrows. The main hit song is ” I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’, from 1975, that is, seven years later, it was re-recorded by Joan Jett. The current generation knows the song in your voice than Britney Spears ‘ version that was released in the year 2001. The rock ‘ n ‘ roll was also the first american musician to become a pop star in Japan, where he records, and even starring in tv shows.

She also reported that when he got to the hospital, I had to argue with the three guards around the different in order to get me to go to the emergency room at the hospital. After you are able to get in, she spoke again with the doctor who said that the numbers of the Alan’s were the best, and that he would be transferred to the intensive care unit.

“He was on a ventilator and was sedated, so I didn’t feel pain, or at the least, I was not aware of the pain,” he said. “My husband was supposed to have been transferred to the area where the experts who were on the front lines that could help you out. Every 15 minutes, and I wondered when it would be moved, and they used to say in the next few minutes, but it never happened. At about two-and-a-half in the morning, they were finally ready to take it to the floor, and I stepped out, exhausted, unwilling to fight against another group of security personnel in the ICU”.

When she returned home, she received a call from the hospital saying that Alan had passed away. “He’s just been allowed to go into the hospital until you’re dying, and then it was 14 hours in the emergency room at the hospital waiting for the test for the coronavirus, which he obviously was, and he was struggling to find someone to take him to the ICU,” he said, lamenting the delay. “Maybe if he had been there, he would have had a chance to fight for the minor for a 15-hour course, but you never know. And now I have to suffer alone in quarantine.”

The text of Joanna’s comments in the post below:

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