Video Black Widow, look at Scarlett Johansson in the new trailer


The beautiful Scarlett Johansson returns to be a trend with the new trailer for the Black Widow, but she happens to second term making The Supervisor or Taskmaster in the protagonist of the preview of the film.

Taskmaster will become the new villain of the Marvel Universe and is expected to be formally introduced at the premiere of the Black Widow in the next April 30.

The villain has a huge gift to get you all in trouble, you can mimic the skills of the heroes.

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Sample of its enormous power is this advance in which you can see fighting as Spider-Man, throwing a shield which Captain America or shoot arrows with great accuracy as hawkeye.

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In the brief images you can see the union of the past and the present of the Black Widow who decides to leave the Avengers to join their former companions: Yelena, The Keeper Red and Melina.

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Taskmaster emerged in the number 195 of comics original in may 1980 in the hands of David Michelinie and George Perez.

It has been noted that your design only has mentenido skull in the mask, which is usually less striking than in drawing.

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