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Here in Brazil, we’re used to, with all the famous groups are the Following: There are those, of friends, of family, of work, or by joining a common interest, such as fans, for example. In the United States, the app is not so popular. (yes, believe it), but they have to use other tools for these groups. FaceTime is one of them. During the live broadcast, Demi Lovato, that you are in a chat group with a famous one, created by his manager, Scooter Braun. The names may surprise you. There’s even a former president of the United States!

“There is a chat, a giant in the Incredible that my manager is started, the Motor, and it just turned on, like, 30 celebrities, to random. It’s actually quite funny because the first night I got it, I answered the phone and it appeared to Bill Clinton. He was the guest-of-honour. And all of a sudden I see Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry and all these other celebrities. And every night it’s someone new,” he told her.

Imagine what a shame to open such a group, and don’t have any idea of who might show up? That’s crazy! For her, it’s a great way to communicate, to be in full quarantine.

Demi admits, however, that I gave to the guy in the group, and Mark Cuevas. He is currently on the reality tv show, “the Marriage in The dark”. “I surtei with the Mark of the ‘Love Is Blind’. It’s funny too, because you can take someone out in the field of entertainment, which is cool, because everyone in this chat is in the business of entertainment. So, you have to get someone in there who is a politician or a reality tv show. I think we’ve had someone in to ‘the Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness’ on a night out. It’s so wild. It’s like, who’s next? “ he said.

Watch the video where she talks about that.