In this interview, Jennifer Aniston reveals that he suffers from agoraphobia


Eternal by Rachel in Friends, Jennifer Aniston has revealed in a recent interview on the program, Jimmy Kimmel Live! as has been the case in dealing with the containment of the social as a result of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In the interview, the star said of the quarantine, there has not been a challenge for her, given that he suffers from agoraphobia. Anxiety disorder is characterized by a fear of crowds and situations that may cause you some challenges. It creates panic and a feeling of shortness of breath, and even irrational fear that is excessive.

“The isolation, and in some ways, it’s a nightmare. But, for me, in particular, has been a challenge. The biggest challenge is to catch all the news and try to figure out what is going on in the world,” he told the presenter Jimmy Kimmel.

In the end, she even joked saying that her new favourite pastime is washing the dishes. So, automatically, you are already washing your hands.