Kim Kardashian boasts her underwear, without penalty, any


Socialite, student of law, entrepreneur and model Kim Kardashian he shared a publication which is proud of its intimate garments, so much so that what is presumed to be in the photograph.

As always wearing her body in all its splendor, the pioneer of the program of telerealidad “The keeping up with the kardashians”.

Since it was leaked a video for adults where Kim was the protagonist he began to call the attention in addition to that he had been born in a wealthy family little by little was gaining more and more admirers.

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Since you started with your series, where it participates with your sisters and your mom was gaining more fame, this gave Kim the opportunity to incursar in other markets in which fortunately has also been quite successful.

Thanks to that account with millions of followers, Kim Kardashian took the opportunity of having potential customers and start selling products that your followers would buy happy.

It was then that he began to launch several products in the market, launched a line of makeup, subsequently launched a few girdles that modeling the figure and now it has ventured with the underwear.

“I’m so excited to announce that our collection @skims Fits Everybody will come soon! Our underwear most sought after returns for the first time since its launch,” wrote Kim in his publication.

“Made of a woven ultra-soft and buttery that stretches up to twice its size, each piece is designed to perfectly fit and mold it to every body. Available in 9 shades and tonal in sizes XXS – 4X WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, at 9 a.m. PST / 12 p. m. EST. Join the waiting list now SKIMS.COM to receive early access to the store,” shared Kim in the publication.

In addition to the celebrity of 39 years has known how to keep its followers happy, since it constantly shares pictures of her wearing her statuesque body, something that is crazy to many and makes it the envy of many women.

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