Kim Kardashian received criticism for his “crocs” fried chicken ¡Terrible!


Fashion has no limits and just that showed Kim Kardashian with their “crocs” fried chickenin specific of the company KFC. A fact that caused a great uproar in social networks, where internet users criticized this pair of sandals from the famous socialite.

Remember that Kim Kardashian it has positioned itself as one of the entrepreneurs most successful of the moment and one of the most popular figures in the world of the fashion. Constantly we see her wear the most spectacular outfits, with neither putting together our money for a whole year we would have.

In reality all members of the family Kardashian have been highlighted for its millionaires costumes or extravagant look, but this time Kim went beyond the limits, or at least that is what was mentioned by some users regarding the new “crocs” of the socialite.

Kim Kardashian and her crocs fried chicken

In this way Kim Kardashian managed to scandalize its more than 162 million followers on Instagram to boast their new sandals “Kentucky Fried Chicken, Crocs” where showed that are adorned with charms Jibbitz in the shape of drumsticks fried.

Through the stories in your account Instagramthe socialite mentioned that KFC is introducing its new chicken, “Beyond Meat,” a chicken without meat, which will seems exceptional, since they do not normally eat meat.

“It is surprising that they are partnering with Beyond Meat to have chicken without flesh”

Were some words of Kim Kardashian while presumed to be your new sandals crocs, which have been widely criticized by his followers and other internet users. However there were also people who loved this model KFCeven more , when you have a noble cause.

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Although we do not know if the socialite use your crocs fried chicken to exit, we can not deny that this shows us that the fashion has no limits and that there are surely people that would pay a lot of money to have them.

kim kardashian crocs kfc

Kim Kardashian received criticism for his “crocs” fried chicken ¡Terrible!